I don´t believe in culture, but rather I believe in encounters.
–Gilles Deleuze

The engine of my work is the unnoticed. I'm interested in viral,reactive and elusive elements. I believe that there is a thought enclosed in matter and in its transformation, and I propose physical, caloric or chemical processes and reactions to give symbolic form to ideas. Actions that appear as the embodiment of an entropic power.

I work intuitively with an experimental vocation, letting myself be carried away by the accident. I try to start from scratch, avoiding remembering what I have done before. I consider boredom fertile and I usually need time to calibrate myself therefore bureaucratic process attract me.

Thus, I understand the art-architecture complex as an a-disciplinary practice where I operate by detecting tangencies or vibrations that tend to a limit. I work with infinitesimal changes and differential calculus to analyze where the sign occurs, the point that potentially can generate meaning.