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Leibniz once wrote: "music is an exercise in secret arithmetic and he who indulges in it is unaware that he handles numbers and logarithms." Sound hides a coded and subliminal dimension: it is nothing more than air vibrations carryng meaning and its register is decipherable in  both mathematical and physical ways.

I work with sonification applications that translate auditory information into graphic information through logarithms and binary codes. Thus, I sound my own calligraphy to attribute specific auditory signals to each letter and each figure and configure a new phoneme code. Each sound emitted draws the handwritten letter on the sound spectrogram. Calligraphy, like the human voice, are the indelible remains of an "I", unequivocal and intrinsic, that participates in a communication channel. To say with our language is to recognize, make recognizable what is perceived and base it on the order of our events, and calligraphy and voice are the indelible marks of the consciousness that acts.

However, the information society in which we live in has disembodied communication channels. The Internet and technological devices prevent the co-presence of bodies for the exchange of information. Thus, gestures and singularity are erased by virtue of effectiveness, facilitating virality and information speculation. Language thus loses its poetic capacity and its truth value.

Inconsciente vital al que le se atribuyen falsos rigores

archivo de audio 20´43”, spectograms
sistema de traducción simultánea
Círculo de Bellas Artes

Espectogramas obtenidos a partir de la sonificación de mi propia caligrafía, realizados a través del sintetizador virtual ANS y del software phonopaper