I freeze my own body sweat in the form of coins, in order to obtain coins of time and physical labor. Money is a common medium of exchange accepted by a society, which historically had an intrinsic value, proportional to the amount of metal it contained. With the intervention of the paper, it becomes fiduciary money, based on the trust of the community: its value is not based on the existence of a gold counterpart, but on its declaration as money by the state.

Perspirations coins or the fractalization of time is an installation that, through the staging of a disintegrative process. Letting the sweat melt in order to reformulate Georges Bataille's notion of “unproductive spending” and question the artistic activity in the current panorama of productive oversaturation.

Monedas transpiradas o la fractalización del tiempo
Sudor congelado,
(proyecto en proceso)

Tablas de conversión de unidades euros, peso, volumen, tiempo de producción y descongelación.

Especificaciones técnicas del Banco de España (cotas en mm).