(project in process)

I dream of the intellectual destroying evidences and universalisms, the one who points out and indicates the inertias and restraints of the present, its weak points, its openings, its lines of force; the one who moves incessantly and does not know for sure where he will be and what he will think tomorrow, because he has all his attention in the present.     – Michel Foucault

I have always been interested in this quote from Foucault and I think it embodies Yeti, my dog, very well. Adopted since last October, Yeti is a 9-year-old black shod German shepherd and a retired member of the Civil Guard's canine explosives detection corps. A true pituitary gem for which I have now taken responsibility.

I admire his animal unconsciousness that allows him to enjoy his day to day life and avoid projecting his worries into the future. He assumes his intrinsic nature and focuses his attention on the present, where all expectation stops and he just is. Thus, he adopts the vital attitude of the tracker and is capable of moving with the healthy uncertainty of one who incessantly searches for any differential change in intensity or any "line of fragility of the present." The urine it releases is its biological signature that confers specific information on other dogs about their sex, age, size or even mood.

The daily walk allows me to peek into its field of meaning - to its surrounding world, according to Von Uexküll - of which I am a foreigner and where the urinated corners make up a constellation of virtual points that allow updating. They are tangential points, nodes of significance where their attention intensifies and their subjectivity crystallizes.

Each walk is a lesson in which I limit myself to taking notes and recording his urine rings to set up a mapping of his olfactory territory. In fact, and ironically, he is the artist of this project, which nullifies any contemporary egotistical authorship and grants me the role of mediator. A drift journey where my structural action is to wait and let myself go. A scene from “flânnerie” that today is an act of rebellion due to the popularization of navigation systems and cars. Following in his wake allows me to disguise myself as the "Deleuzian becoming-animal", that idea of a self as a passive and contemplative synthesis that reads the contractions of forces of the present.

25 micturitions of my dog
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Coordinate plane with my dog's urination

40.466084, -3.594364
40.465387, -3.593962
40.463948, -3.594357
40.460835, -3.594456

40.466891, -3.593689
40.466084, -3.594456
40.487045, -3.585677
40.466891, -3.593689

40.461952, -3.594506
40.460479, -3.595397
40.460244, -3.596537
40.460162, -3.596896

40.461424, -3.612219
40.461838, -3.591727
40.459813, -3.590245
40.469144, -3.601961

40.455627, -3.591346
40.478546, -3.582178
40.478847, -3.592345
40.496795, -3.593756

40.492526, -3.601534
40.494387, -3.607842
40.498567, -3.614537
40.499514, -3.6146371

Perro semihundido (detail), Francisco de Goya (1819-1823)